Hello World! You prick

I’ve decided to start a blog again, and not post about politics on it. This is a placeholder for when I have some interesting thoughts to share, which is expected at some point after the sun explodes.

Anyway, why does WordPress.com now hide the option to create a free blog site so enthusiastically? I genuinely thought they’d stopped doing so because they’ve decided to go for some incredibly irritating dark patterns in which the “I don’t want a domain and I don’t want to pay anything fuck off” option is hidden amongst lots of other options.

If I wanted to pay for a domain, I would. It’s more flexible and I could do some interesting things, like start my own Mastodon instance or host a Minecraft server where I build a monument to the unearned hubris of Automattic Inc, in the shape of a giant, STI-afflicted penis. Not to mention, I can install my own damn WordPress site. I just didn’t want to.

Congratulations, WordPress.com, on managing to find a way to insert resistance into the path of least resistance. I’m now going to leech off your free web hosting purely out of spite, or at least until I see what sort of horrendous ads you’re going to include above the shit I write.

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